Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Our Weekend

Our weekend was good we took the kids down to the tide pools in La Jolla. It was Aslan's first time being able to explore, which he did to the fullest measure. He didn't quite understand that you weren't supposed swim in the little puddle of water. He was soaked head to toe, we had put rain boots on Mady so she was perfectly fine, Jim and I joked that we had put the boots on the wrong kid. Not that they would have stayed on with all of the falling. hehe. Sunday we went to the beach again after church, was a little windy, but still a good day. This weekend we are getting new carpets put in all of our bedrooms so we are going to stay with a friend a little north of here for the weekend. It's been a mixed blessing because it's kind of like moving in that everything has to come out of the rooms, but good in that it's forcing me to take stock of what I have and organize those closets and get rid of lots of stuff we don't need. Oh and I booked my tickets back to Virginia for the summer, I will be there June 11th- June 24th. We have a beach cottage in the Outer Banks for part of that time but i am excited that I get to see my dear friend Ginger's new baby! That's all for now, have a great weekend everyone.