Monday, October 29, 2007

Fire Update

We have been spending lots of time indoors as the air quality is pretty bad. When you go outside for any length of time you feel as if you have just smoked a few cigarettes( yes unfortunatley I know what this feels like). Aslan has had a bad cough over the last few days that have kept him up at night due to the air. It seems to be hitting the little ones harder than Jim and I. This picture was taken the one time I did let the kids go out so I could water the lawn, it was very dry from all the smoke. I couldn't stand to see their little faces looking so longingly at the hose so I let them out for just a few minutes. Alsan especially enjoyed holding the hose. Now having the swing set in the back yard is like having a carrot dangling in front of them every day since they can't go out and play with it. We hope and pray that this will be over soon and life can return to normal for all of us. I am headed to get some pumpkins today and let the kids paint pumpkins then maybe Jim will carve them later with the kids.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Fire Storm

As most of you know we were evacuated for a couple of days from our house in San Diego. Although we are still under a mandatory evacuation from our neighborhood we are back home as of last night. The big witch fire is north of us about 8 miles and to the east of us about 10 miles. Jim and I both feel okay about being here for now, we obviously are watching the tele for updates. So far all the families in our church have been accounted for, and no one has lost their home, PRAISE GOD! A few are on the border of the fires and there is concern now about another fire north of here called the rice fire that could get homes up in north escondido. Also the fire south of here is threatening homes in east county. But as for us we are safe and are home today just cleaning up all the ash off of our back patio, spraying down all the furniture and swing set,etc. I accidently left a window open so there was ash in the house as well that I just finished cleaning up. It's pretty dirty and I constantly feel thirsty from the air quality being so poor. Thank you all for your prayers, Jim obviously is not working right now so please pray for the Lord to provide for us finiancially as there is no money coming in now or in the near future, a bit scary as the first of the month is rolling around. We are trusting in His faithfulness to us. I will keep you posted. Love to you all and am so grateful for all the calls and emails.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Mady's First Haircut

Well I finally broke down and cut Madeline's hair. It was getting pretty long and stragly in the back. I just did a trim and did not do bangs or anything like that. But it has been almost 4 years. Funny to think the hairs from when she first came out of my tummy were still on her little head. She did great and was very excited as you can see from the pictures.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Birthday Dinner

I got to go to dinner with my three closest friends here in San Diego. We went to this yummy Greek restaurant called Yanni's Bistro. The Lord has blessed me so much with these three ladies. Each of them ministers to me in specific ways. They are a BIg reason that my life here in San Diego is so RICH with God's love. He pours it out through them. So this picture is from the left, Jan, Michele, myself and Jenna.
Thank you friends for a wonderful evening and for giving such delightful and thoughtful gifts.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Birthday Roundup

This past weekend was my birthday, no I am not saying how old I turned but let's just say my 20's are officially over. My husband and I spent the weekend together here at home while my friend Jenna blessed us with caretaking for the weekend. We spent opur time together at a leisurely pace first breakfast in Mission Beach Cafe, then we took a long drive out the I-8 turning off on to the Sunrise Highway which winds you through the moutains of San Diego to about 7,000 feet to a little town called Mt. Laguna. Every step of the way there are turnoffs so you can gaze at the valley below. On the way we listen to a book by John Piper called The Misery of Job and the Mercy of God. It is the book of Job written in poetic form by John Piper. It was so encouraging( I know you wouldn't think so by it's title) to my heart, to see all the trials that God brought to Job, how he responded in such faith and courage to bear such pain... all to know his Lord fuller and deeper.

" One year of misery, he thought, is not too long to see of heaven what I have seen, and watch the power to heal, and loving what I feel now. Unless perhaps six years have made the recollected pain to fade, and turn the memory of dread into a noble cause, and shred the fabic of reality and truth beyond identity. He looked across the fields of wheat, and endless rolling hills of sweet green pasturelands for all his herds adn flocks, and thought, " There are no words to speak the substance of my soul and joy to God, nor yet extol his worth above the vast rebirth of all my dreams. No dancing mirth can suit or satisfy the kind of tearful pleasure that I find when I recall what I have lost by his decree, and what it cost me to see my God"

And then we came here, and I came undone, and sobbed greatly, for my God has been so merciful to me. So lavish in his giving that I often take for granted his daily beckoning of my soul, his want of fellowship with me. His love and care beyond measure extended to me and my family. To consider all that God stripes me of daily are just my filthy rages, all to know my God. Lord I thank you for the daily wounds of conviction that are a stinging reminder of your love for me. Thank you for preserving my life and for the great length you go to save us and rescue us daily. God you have been so good, I bless your Holy Name!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

My Little Princess

I gave Mady her Dress Up Day costume a little early. The girls had so much fun on Sunday playing with them and twirling around. Sweet reminders of all that is truly important in my life. It also prompted me to think, maybe her pretend world is what is real, and the world I live in is the one that is filled with falsehood. In her world she ready's herself for a prince, dresses herself and adorns herself with jewels. Waiting in anxious anticipation for her prince. In her world he really is coming and she delights in the waiting, twirling and dancing and singing. She lives more heavenly minded than she even realizes, what an example to me to anxiously await my prince Jesus and to delight myself in him while I wait to journey back to my REAL home.

photo by carissa batten

Monday, October 8, 2007

My Week

Last week was one of those weeks that I look back on and breath a sigh of relief that it is over. I am thankful that nothing serious happened however it was a rough one to walk through. Saturday Mady slipped off the counter and split her lip, lots of blood and crying, then after church the next day she started throwing up on me, the floor, turns out it was just the beginnings of a bad cold. Next day she opened the TV cabinet on Aslan's face and chipped his front tooth. He looks like a little redneck now. That same night as Mady was geting undressed for the bath I was wiping up popcicle off the floor and bending down right abover her. When she stood up she smashed into my eye with the back of her head. Lots of blood, lots of crying from myself, Aslan, and Mady just shell shocked saying, "I'm sorry mommy, i'm sorry mommy" over and over again. When the smoke cleared I had sustained a significant gash over my right eye, and had to go to Urgent Care and get a few stiches.

So Thursday I took Aslan to the dentist to make sure there wasn't any damage to the nerve. Oh boy, picture just for a moment a high energy 18 month in a confined space. Oh my goodness was that fun, he was pulling out toothbrushes, floride packets and floss from all of the drawers. Spraying himself with water from the metal tools that are connected to that silver tray that slides over you in the chair. Running up and down the aisle that all the chairs were in, pulling down everything within in reach along the way. I loved how when the dentist finally came in to give my the prognosis he just causually sits there with his legs crossed trying to show the xray. I am trying my best to listen to what he is saying as my 1 and half year old is vandolizing his office, smiling and all the while, I'm thinking will you please get to the point before he does permanent damage to himself. I love how naive most people are to an energetic toddler. The good news is he is fine just going to have a slightly crooked smile for the next 5 years or so.

Our weekend was much quieter, I got my hair done, and Sunday we had a bunch of people over after church who hung out all afternoon and evening. It was great!~ So that's why I haven't posted in a little bit, life has been full of constant surprises and reminders of God's sense of humor.

Monday, October 1, 2007

Things I Love About Fall

* the leaves changing
* apple pickin
* biting into a freshly picked apple
* the smell of baking apples
* closing my eyes and listening to the leaves rustling in the trees
* the cool breeze on my face
* scarves
* making Fall Crafts with my sweet daughter and her friends
* apple cider
* the warmth of a HUG on a crisp day
* the radiant blue sky on a crisp day
* hiking to the top of a mountain and seeing the canvas of God rich with color
* planting bulbs
* playing in piles of leaves
* the sound of fallen leaves beneath my feet
* leaf angels
* thanksgiving
* going to a high school football game
* my fall table cloth I made in 2003
* berry bouquets on my table
* reflecting on change and how God creates such beauty through change, and welcoming it as I do this season... it is always a reminder of God's faithfulness.

May you enjoy this season.