Saturday, August 8, 2009

Olivia Pearl Alkire

So Here she is...Olivia Pearl Alkire, born Tuesday August 4th at 3:15pm. 7lbs 9oz. 18in long.

My water broke at 5:45 am we got the kids ready and dropped them off and then headed off to the hospital. We arrived at the hospital around 7:30 am. On the way to the hospital I was having some contractions but not the strong ones, I called a few people and asked them to spread the word to pray for regular consistent contractions to start. I did not want to have pitocin this time to speed things along. Around 9:30 some friends showed up and we started walking and doing downward dogs against the wall( a yoga move). Everytime I would do one of those i would have a contraction. We walked outside and contractions were starting to pick up and get closer together. We picked some honeysuckle and during my contractions they would put it under my nose which helped me breathe deeper and longer which was really helping my contractions be effective. Some were strong and growing in intensity, I would have to stop and breathe through them. At 1:30 the nurse came in and checked me and i was at 5cm. Jim and i walked for awhile longer and i stopped at the nurses station to get some ice. While I was there she was watching me breathe through several contractions, which were pretty close together. She said since you want to get in the bath you might want to start that when you can't relax in between contractions anymore. I came back into the room and my friends started the bath for me. I got into the tub and had some time with just me and my sweet hubby listening to worship songs and breathing through some tough contractions. My friend Jan came back into the room to get something and when she saw how I was now starting to moan through my contractions she sent for the nurse. The nurse came in and said why don't we get you out of the bath and check you. As soon as I stood up I felt the pressure of her head and had one contraction after another coming soooo strong. I had a short rest between contractions long enough for my friend Jackie to dry me off and get my bottoms off of me . Another contraction my legs were buckling beneath me....Jan and Jim got me to the bed and laid me on my side. Contractions were right on top of each other her head was coming down now...I said she's coming out...the nurse said lets roll you on your back so I can check you....I said she's coming out...she checked me and told me I was at 9cm, A COMPLETE LIE(later she told me so)! She said okay I'm going to call the doctor to come. She left and while she was gone i was saying She's coming out, she's don't understand she's coming out! All was quite in the room except for my freinds helping me breathe through the contractions. And offering words of encouragement...nurse is back says doctor is on her way. I said please she's coming out...everyone in the room could see her hair but since they didn't want her delivered without the doctor no one said anything. Finally the doctor, one big push and there was her head out, second push slow it down... shoulders...she's out! Beautiful and crying and laid on my chest for over an hour just looking around at everything. It was so amazing!! The whole day was just an complete answer to prayer, I really felt the Lord's presence throughout the whole day. It was like I felt Him go before me through each and every step of the process. What a perfect day! She is so beautiful and healthy and wonderful! Mady and Aslan are sooo in love with their baby sister.