Friday, May 2, 2008

The Business of Being Born

This is a must see movie for all who are thinking of having another child! It a documentary about home birth. I liked this documentary partly because it did a great job in telling both sides of the story hospital birth versus home birth. They interview lots of OB/GYN doctors as well as midwives and follow the story of several ladies in their quest to delivery naturally at home. They also do a historical overview of how our country has gotten so far away from home birth since 95% of all births used to be at home. In all the other developed countries except ours this custom is still practiced today and they have much lower infant mortality rates than the United States. Our is the second highest! Yes the statistics will blow away but more importantly I think we as women are missing out on this incredible experience. We are pushed by our culture and our insurance companies to inform us of how we should give birth. I was also deeply moved by the corelation between the oxytocin that is released in the brain( the love chemical) that you experience to it's fullest when you give birth naturally and your baby experiences it too, thus it deepens the bond that you have with your child. I would love to know if any of you out there have see this movie your thoughts and if you haven't seen it I would highly recommend that you do.