Monday, November 26, 2007

Thanksgiving Weekend

We spent some time with friends over the weekend. Thanksgiving we spent Thanksgiving with the Shirley's. Jim was sick though and did not come to dinner so it was just Mady and myself and Aslan came later after his nap. We did have a good time of just relaxing and dinner was delicious, but we did miss daddy being there. We went to the beach all day on Saturday and then had friends over Saturday night for game night. Sunday was church and the guys went golfing after, so Jenna and I just hung out at my house and read magazines and then had some dinner and fun with the kids. Hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving, I tried to post on Thanksgiving but our internet was not working.

Friday, November 16, 2007


Jim and I have decided to pull Mady out of her preschool. I had had some reservations since the beginning of the year after a few incindents that happened. Then last week I helped in her classrooms and afterwards I just felt a pit in my stomach all day and night. There are just a group of boys in her class that are just way out of line. They seem to really dominate the atmosphere in the class, and it makes the rest of the kids suffer. It is not a learning based preschool so the emphasis would be on the playing/creative aspect and my thought is that is if she is not being built up and encouraged as a person then why bother. Jim has been supportive and thinks that it is the best decision. I haven't told the teacher or the director of the school yet, I thought I would wait until after Thanksgiving break. I am going to just start schooling her at home and doing more crafts with her at home. I do need craft project ideas though for anyone out there reading this far!!! We will use some of the money were were spending on her school to build a craft corner in our house. I am sad that it is not going to work out however this next year of her development is so important to much to risk being feed the wrong things/ideas. I know God is sovereign on all things and that will still work all things for good in Mady's life i just feel it is too early in her life to have the discussion of pointing out differences in people with gospel in their lives and people without the gospel in their lives.

Quotes of the week:


" Mommy I like my new Hello Pitty bandaids you got me"

Swinging on the swing out back I am explaining what the word cordinated means, I say "to have control of your body", right as I finished the words, she accidently does a backflip off the swing and lands on her back, she is crying for moment and then realizes, " That was not cordinated was it mommy" We both were crying with laughter.

" Mommy will you sit with me outside while I finish my lunch" "Sure" I reply. After I sit down She looks out at the sky for awhile and the looks at me and says,
" Mommy I love you all the way up to heaven"


He knows the sign langage for More and Please and Thank You. Most of his day her points to what he wants and then signs more please. He says MaMa ALOT, but everytime he says it I love it because he really doesn't say much, except NANA for banana, DADA, swng for swing,
I sing to him every night and every naptime the same song, so now when he's tired he will come up to me and hug me and start to sing the song to me:)

He loves his Sissy and loves to wrestle with her. I am so happy that she likes to wrestle too! They really make each other laugh so much and don't really fight much. I am enjoying this season with them so much.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Ballet Time

Mady started a ballet/tap class this fall. She loves her teacher Miss Lisa and I love watching her in her class. This school is affiliated with the royal academy of ballet in London so they really creative methods of teaching the little ones proper form. The waiting area is small and it is especially fun keeping the little man contained, one day I 'll take a picture of what the lobby looks like when he is done.
We have been keeping busy lately, Mady keeps telling me that she wants to do home school. She can write her name and most of the alphabet. She is smart as a whip, I have to explain everything in detail. We will see about the home school, we live in one of the best public school districts in the state. We'll see what God will do when the time comes.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Our Indian and Pirate

This year Mady dressed up like a little Indian and Aslan was a pirate, which was very fitting for him this year with his chipped tooth. Too bad we couldn't get him to say "Arrr". To coerce Aslan into getting a patch drawn onto his eye I did it to his Daddy first to show him it was alright to be painted. He still didn't like the idea very much so I did the best I could. We went trick or treating with our neighbors and had chili afterwards over their house. Mady and Aslan were so cute walking up to the doors together. Aslan would be so excited walking to the door and ringing the doorbell, then when someone would answer the door he would drop his candy bucket and run for my legs. We all had a really fun time... it's these little moments that make up the sweetest memories.