Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Ballet Time

Mady started a ballet/tap class this fall. She loves her teacher Miss Lisa and I love watching her in her class. This school is affiliated with the royal academy of ballet in London so they really creative methods of teaching the little ones proper form. The waiting area is small and it is especially fun keeping the little man contained, one day I 'll take a picture of what the lobby looks like when he is done.
We have been keeping busy lately, Mady keeps telling me that she wants to do home school. She can write her name and most of the alphabet. She is smart as a whip, I have to explain everything in detail. We will see about the home school, we live in one of the best public school districts in the state. We'll see what God will do when the time comes.


Billie said...

She looks so cute. I wish her and Savanna could be in class together. How fun. Miss you.

Ginger said...

AWWW! I wish I was there to see her! I can imagine Aslan while you wait, poor girl. glad to see you post again. miss you and love you- How are you liking the CD now?