Monday, October 8, 2007

My Week

Last week was one of those weeks that I look back on and breath a sigh of relief that it is over. I am thankful that nothing serious happened however it was a rough one to walk through. Saturday Mady slipped off the counter and split her lip, lots of blood and crying, then after church the next day she started throwing up on me, the floor, turns out it was just the beginnings of a bad cold. Next day she opened the TV cabinet on Aslan's face and chipped his front tooth. He looks like a little redneck now. That same night as Mady was geting undressed for the bath I was wiping up popcicle off the floor and bending down right abover her. When she stood up she smashed into my eye with the back of her head. Lots of blood, lots of crying from myself, Aslan, and Mady just shell shocked saying, "I'm sorry mommy, i'm sorry mommy" over and over again. When the smoke cleared I had sustained a significant gash over my right eye, and had to go to Urgent Care and get a few stiches.

So Thursday I took Aslan to the dentist to make sure there wasn't any damage to the nerve. Oh boy, picture just for a moment a high energy 18 month in a confined space. Oh my goodness was that fun, he was pulling out toothbrushes, floride packets and floss from all of the drawers. Spraying himself with water from the metal tools that are connected to that silver tray that slides over you in the chair. Running up and down the aisle that all the chairs were in, pulling down everything within in reach along the way. I loved how when the dentist finally came in to give my the prognosis he just causually sits there with his legs crossed trying to show the xray. I am trying my best to listen to what he is saying as my 1 and half year old is vandolizing his office, smiling and all the while, I'm thinking will you please get to the point before he does permanent damage to himself. I love how naive most people are to an energetic toddler. The good news is he is fine just going to have a slightly crooked smile for the next 5 years or so.

Our weekend was much quieter, I got my hair done, and Sunday we had a bunch of people over after church who hung out all afternoon and evening. It was great!~ So that's why I haven't posted in a little bit, life has been full of constant surprises and reminders of God's sense of humor.


Billie said...

Sounds like a typical day at my sisters house....ha ha. sorry about your eye. It will be a fun story to tell her for years to come. Wish I could have been there to laugh with you though. It's your birthday soon...and I packaged up your gift today. love you friend.

Jackie said...

I second Billie's statement...typical week at my home : ) I am glad we can chuckle about it now, surely God's gift of keeping it all in perspective w/ a sense of humor...which we clearly have : ). Love you girl!!

Sara said...

Praying for you Les. I have had lots of those days(although...never any stiches!! OUCH!) God never stops sustaining us. Love you and miss you--Sara

Ginger said...

wow--that is a crazy week. Im sorry to hear about everyone's injuries! Its so sad when you have to cry in front of the kiddies and they dont know what to do. Will Aslan have a broken tooth for long? Poor little guy! :)
I miss you. I actually thought to call a few times this week but didnt, afraid to have to go too soon from "BLAH"ness--wish I had now...but you were probably busy cleaning comething up something. love you tons!

Jenn said...

oh my gosh, Leslie, I pray for respite and fast for you! Hope Mady is getting over her cold and Aslan prob doesn't realize that he looks so cool and other toddlers won't want to mess with him!
I pray for you and all your friends who are mothers...may God give you eternal patience and a great sense of humor! I am definitely taking notes!

Ann said...

Oh girl, I have had weeks like that before. I know you are glad it is over. Glad everyone is better. It does make you appreciate little everyday blessings though. Hang in there...."Things can only get better" :)