Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Birthday Dinner

I got to go to dinner with my three closest friends here in San Diego. We went to this yummy Greek restaurant called Yanni's Bistro. The Lord has blessed me so much with these three ladies. Each of them ministers to me in specific ways. They are a BIg reason that my life here in San Diego is so RICH with God's love. He pours it out through them. So this picture is from the left, Jan, Michele, myself and Jenna.
Thank you friends for a wonderful evening and for giving such delightful and thoughtful gifts.


Marie Hughes said...

Yes, you are truly blessed. When I first saw the picture I knew you had a fun time. I remember Jan (the cup game) and Michelle (loved the gift in the bottle) from our trip out to SD last year. Happy Birthday!

Jackie said...

Ah.. I finally get to see a picture of Jenna...she does exist : ).

Ginger said...

how sweet-wish I was there. Im glad you had a good time and a good weekend with hubby.