Monday, October 15, 2007

Birthday Roundup

This past weekend was my birthday, no I am not saying how old I turned but let's just say my 20's are officially over. My husband and I spent the weekend together here at home while my friend Jenna blessed us with caretaking for the weekend. We spent opur time together at a leisurely pace first breakfast in Mission Beach Cafe, then we took a long drive out the I-8 turning off on to the Sunrise Highway which winds you through the moutains of San Diego to about 7,000 feet to a little town called Mt. Laguna. Every step of the way there are turnoffs so you can gaze at the valley below. On the way we listen to a book by John Piper called The Misery of Job and the Mercy of God. It is the book of Job written in poetic form by John Piper. It was so encouraging( I know you wouldn't think so by it's title) to my heart, to see all the trials that God brought to Job, how he responded in such faith and courage to bear such pain... all to know his Lord fuller and deeper.

" One year of misery, he thought, is not too long to see of heaven what I have seen, and watch the power to heal, and loving what I feel now. Unless perhaps six years have made the recollected pain to fade, and turn the memory of dread into a noble cause, and shred the fabic of reality and truth beyond identity. He looked across the fields of wheat, and endless rolling hills of sweet green pasturelands for all his herds adn flocks, and thought, " There are no words to speak the substance of my soul and joy to God, nor yet extol his worth above the vast rebirth of all my dreams. No dancing mirth can suit or satisfy the kind of tearful pleasure that I find when I recall what I have lost by his decree, and what it cost me to see my God"

And then we came here, and I came undone, and sobbed greatly, for my God has been so merciful to me. So lavish in his giving that I often take for granted his daily beckoning of my soul, his want of fellowship with me. His love and care beyond measure extended to me and my family. To consider all that God stripes me of daily are just my filthy rages, all to know my God. Lord I thank you for the daily wounds of conviction that are a stinging reminder of your love for me. Thank you for preserving my life and for the great length you go to save us and rescue us daily. God you have been so good, I bless your Holy Name!


Billie said...

I love this post Leslie. Thank you for sharing. I want to get this book on tape. Where did you get it? I am provoked to love my Savior the way you have shared about your love for Him. Thank you. And Happy Birthday friend. I love you.

Ginger said...

This is beautiful--happy birthday to you Les