Saturday, August 30, 2008

Day in Balboa Park

Balboa Park is an old historic park in downtown San Diego. It holds all the great museums, the zoo, and the spreckles organ pavilion( outdoor theather). It's a beautiful place to walk around and take pictures. Yesterday I took the kids down to a puppet show in the morning at the Marie Hitchcock Puppet Theather. Afterwards we had a picnic and then walked around and I took pictures of them exploring some of the art and scultptures in the park. What a lovely day to be outside, we also picniced right in a flight pattern for the San Diego Airport. Which was neat for Aslan to see these big airplanes over his head every five minutes or so. Here are some of the photos from yesterday. Anyone who comes to visit I promise to take you here, it's a great time.


carissa said...

aww i came here in hopes of updates and here they are. with pictures. !!!

i love you guys and miss you.

Ginger said...

sounds good to me! oh,les,i think of you all the time! I hope we can talk soon--what a crazy life huh?