Saturday, July 7, 2007

Anyone want to join me? This is an annual bluegrass festival at the end of August. This will be my first year going but from the pictures it looks like a great family festival atmosphere. Mady and I are going to kick up our heels and we invite all our friends to come along and dance the day away with us!


Billie said...

I want to come. I wish I could. Maybe some day. I bet you two will have tons of fun. Make sure you take some photos to show us. miss you

Ginger said...

I'll go!!! oh-wait, its in San Diego-SHMan Diego....I hope you have fun dancing with your little girl. That'll be a special time. Im going to see Yonder Mnt String Band in a few days, I wish you could go with me!
love you

Michelle said...

Sounds like fun! Wish I could join you!! :)