Thursday, September 13, 2007

Aunt Jackie's House

1st - Mady helping to make Noah's birthday cake with Aunt Jackie

2nd - Mady splashing Aunt Jackie with cake batter, very funny!

3rd- Aslan and Big Daddy

4th- I just love his face in this picture


carissa said...

leslieeee. i came to your blog just hoping for pictures of these children i miss so much. i cant wait for hugs from you all and to see your real faces soon.
babybrothers face! ahhh!

Carly said...

I miss you guys so! And this didn't help...

Looking forward to hugs and kisses!!

Ginger said...

Man, your babes are cute! And Jackies faces seems to glow in these :)
I really loved seeing them. I got some good shots of Aslan, Ill have to post soon. Hey, does Mady wear hair bows? I am making a bunch and Id love to send some for her if she likes them. Have a great day-love you!

Bethany said...

Too cute. Looks like a fun time