Monday, September 10, 2007


Two weeks ago I went on a surprise trip visit to see my sister in Georgia. I just couldn't let the season of fresh zeal, grace and newfound joy in our Savior go by without being there to drink deeply of his love. She had no idea I was coming, I took a shuttle from the Atlanta airport to the town she lives in. When I arrived she wasn't there, she was actually at a dinner at the church. Mady came out from the bushes to say "surprise" when she got home, she was SO EXCITED to see us. From the moment I arrived I could sense the Lord's spirit in her home. Her usual reactions to things were markable different, with her children, her husband, and with life's interuptions to " our plans" for the day. The Lord's peace had come and rested her soul. She was joyous and excited, and so grateful for the books that I had brought with me to give to her. One of which was the Jesus Storybook Bible that I gave to her two sons. She was so gleeful in exclaiming to her oldest son, " Look Christian now Mommy can read to you and teach you about Jesus."

The best moment came though when we went to church together on Sunday. I watched my sister take communion as a believer and follower of Christ. Tears of joy and thankfulness streamed down both of our faces. To partake together in the Lord's supper... to hug her and hold her hand, and look into her eyes, what a blessing beyond measure. Worshiping beside her, and knowing deep in my heart that this is how we would spend eternity, worshiping our God together. God is so good, he is so faithful.

I didn't get a picture with her on my camera but I know she took one on her's so hopefully I will get to post it if she sends it to me. But I do have some others of the kids playing together and making Noah's birthday cake. Oh yes it was my newphew's 2nd birthday while we were there, as if we needed more reasons to celebrate! So I will post some pictures tomorrow. Thanks to all who prayed for me and my sister's time together, it was so very sweet.


Billie said...

I have been waiting and checking your blog for a post about your trip. I thought about you tons....wondering how the surprise was going. So glad to hear it went well and that she was blessed by your visit. Miss you still. Glad your back in the blogworld.

Ginger said...

I loved reading this--Its amazing how you can see so much of the Lords spirit in her. Im excited for the effect she'ss now have on her boys. Im glad you two had that time together--I hope the flight back was good. I was happy to see you and hug you again. Miss you, love you