Monday, December 3, 2007

It's Christmas Time

Last night we went and got our tree, we got it home and unpacked the decorations and then forgot that we threw out our tree stand last year. SO I had to make an emergency run to Target, by the time I got back Aslan was too tired to help decorate(sorry buddy maybe next year). So Mady and I decorated the tree and Jim watched for a little while and then fell asleep on the couch. Then Mady and I snuggled under the tree and read a book and we both fell asleep. She is so excited for Christmas to be here. I can't really put presents for her or Aslan under the tree until right before Christmas because the temptation is too much. We started our Advent Calender it has little prayers in each box so we get to pray with her everynight, most of the prayer are about being grateful. I still haven't finished my Christmas cards need to get that going this week. Lots to do and fun to have this is one of my favorite times of the year.


Ginger said...

Madys so sweet. We cant put gifts out yet either..not until the kids are older I guess. I cant wait to see the card! I dont think we're doing one this year...I cant seem to get my stuff together for it. I wish I was in your warm home with you! Miss you tons
love G

Billie said...

Your tree looks great....even sideways. I don't I am doing a card this year either. Maybe a summer card when things are not so busy. We will see. Miss you and hope your December is full of special memories. love you.

Bethany said...

so pretty