Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Happy Birthday Princess Mady

Happy Birthday my dear sweet Madeline Susannah. Your zeal for life and giggly laughter bring such warmth to our family. I want to praise your kind and sweet spirit. The other day you asked if we could take back all of our groceries and give the money to the lady who had a sign asking for help. You amaze me with your genereous heart, time and time again, how you want to share with your bubba. How you delight in making cards and crafts for your friends and family. You are such a help to me in the kitchen putting away dishes and helping me bake. I see how much the Lord has his hand on your life even now at 4 years old. And while you are not perfect, just like mommy and daddy you are learning that you don't have to be, that Jesus was for you. I love hearing you wander though the house singing worship songs how they overflow from your heart, when you rock your baby dolls with such tenderness and sing sweetly to them. You are so witty and understand grown up jokes and you make me and Bubba laugh all day with your goofy faces. Thank you for how you love us and for always wanting to snuggle in my neck. I hope you never outgrown this but, i am sure one day you will... so i am soaking up each moment that God has blessed me with with you. I love you my Mady, may this next year of your life bring you closer to falling more in love with our God.

Here are the pictures from her Princess birthday party, all of the women and little girls dressed up like princesses. We had so much fun, it's like getting to be a kid all over again. She was so excited and blessed, and I was too. Enjoy!


Ginger said...

what a beautiful note to makes me want her around all the more. I love the party, and especially that the adults dressed-up too- You all look marvelous! Kisses to Mady...tell her to look for a treat in the mail soon.
love you- Ginger

Leslie said...

i miss you too, can't wait to see the treat in the mail. i'm coming back home sometime in May or June, what weeks are you not free? Love you- Les

Ginger said...

Yay!! Youll get te meet new baby Perron!
Girl, if im not free its because Im in bed..but other than that, my schedule is open. Id love to hang out again!love-G

Billie said...

Your note is so sweet. The party looks great and how special for everyone to get involved. Was Jim the Prince? hee hee. love you