Thursday, February 7, 2008

Catching Up-Sledding in Idywild

Yes don't fall down I am finally posting. Sorry it's been so long... Jim's parents actually flew out here to help take care of the kids and manage the house so I could get some rest. They have been a huge blessing and i am resting more and getting much better as a result.
These pictures are of us taking the kids up to a cabin in Idywild, CA and both of my kids saw snow for the first time. We went up with two couples from our church and had a great time. Mady was not too thrilled about wearing ski pants for the first time, inside getting dressed she kept saying how hot she was, i explained they would keep her dry and warm in the snow. When we took them out sledding for the day she was sledding on her bottom for the first half and exclaimed, "I love these sliding pants". We eventually got her and Aslan on a sled. Aslan was a little frightened so we found we just had get on the sled with him and take off immediatley. I couldn't get any pictures of his face going down but he was excited and didn't want to get off after he was done. Mady had so much fun going down with Drew and Daddy. And she of course wanted to do things by herself so there are some shots of her and her friend Lauren going down together on a mini hill. I love their faces, Mady wants to figure it out and Lauren is just laughing and having fun. We all had a great time and even though our bottoms were a little sore it was well worth it for the adventure.
" Delight yourself in the Lord and he will give you the desires of your heart" Ps 37:4 Thank you Lord for this day and this weekend, what a treasure it was to delight in all of your creation and all that you have done in our family, and what a joy it was to get to share these moments with my family and friends. I owe it all to you, and to your son, for laying his life down for me.


Jackie said...

Oh..I am so glad to see you all are out and laughing and NOT sick! Believe it or not I've actually been to Idlywild...that is were Natalia lived and was is so quaint- what a beautiful drive. We need to talk, it's been too long...have Jim and Eloise gone home yet?

Ginger said...

Glad to see you post, and what a great one! The pictures are great, I love Mady in that hat. I was a little confused at first seeing the snow in Cali. :)
Praise God for good health..-I have to admitt, I wish I was the one on that sled with you!!
love you-G

Billie said...

It was great to see your post. I am so happy you're feeling better. And what a fun trip with friends. Your kids are so sweet and cute. love you and miss you.

Leslie said...

Well actually these photos were taken while I was sick...this trip is probably what plunged me into pnemonia:) I suppose it was worth it, we did have a great time. Mady keeps asking to go back. Yes Jackie Jim and Eloise are still here till next Saturday, staying 2 weeks we do need to talk i miss you!