Monday, July 14, 2008

Catching up- Swim Lessons

The summer is flying by, I can't believe it's mid- July! After our vacation with family in the Outer Banks( which was so great) we came home and started swim lessons for Mady. She went every day for two weeks and at the end was diving off the diving board and doing a spectacular doggie paddle to the side of the pool. Still working on perfecting her strokes but relieved to know if she fell into the pool she could make it to the side. These pictures were taken on the last day. Aslan also had fun making friends in the kiddie pool each day as well.


Ginger said...

hooray no floaties! I cant wait to give Reid lessons..we wanted to do it this year. He and vara are too brave in the water if you ask me. Give mady a congrats from us for being to BIG! love you-miss you

Billie said...

I was wondering where you were. I missed reading your posts. Swim lessons are great! miss you and glad to hear your summer is going so well. love you

Jackie said...

'bout time :) I miss seeing you guys on here. I hope all is good on the homefront-Christian just yesterday started swimming underwater and man is he a little fish : ) Love you!