Monday, July 21, 2008

Goodbye For a Little While

This week I have to say goodbye to my dear friend Carissa. She is leaving to go out to Virginia and even though it's only for a few months more than likely she will return only to marry and then be moving permanently to Virginia. These past few weeks God has tested me and been so kind as to reveal my heart in her moving away. He has shown me how I cling and hold on to things to tightly that were never "mine" to begin with. Even great realtionships that are full of fruitful fellowship and love are only a gift from him to be cherished and sometimes only given to us for a season. I want so badly for things to remain the same and my world to be comfortable but how kind is He to remind me that this is not my home. I am not meant to be comfortable here on earth and I long for heaven even more knowing that those whom I cannot be with here on earth I will be with forever in heaven. I find myself day dreaming about heaven and imagining what a wondourous place it will be. And this morning I am thanking him for the joy that is to come when I shall see him face to face and my soul shall rest and be satisfied.
So thank you Carissa for your friendship to my sweet little ones. you have been their faithful companion as much as mine. We will miss you greatly! We love you.

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