Friday, October 17, 2008


This one is for you Jackie. I saw this little boy all dressed up in his Edelweiss costume and I just could take my eyes off him. He was dancing all around to the German music and making all the adults laugh. I saw him on the street after the festival and asked if I could take his picture, he happily obliged. I promised his parents I wasn't going to do anything weird with it. Does this constitue as weird? Anyhow, my newphew Christian is around the same age and I just kept thinking that this is what he would look like someday over in Germany. His dad is German and both my sister's boys are fleuent in German. It made me miss them so much. This was a great family day. The kids loved the rides they had and we loved eating saurkraut and sausage. And it was actually a cool day which is rare for October in San Diego.

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Bethany said...

cute pics. And that first one cracked me up. What a little cutie. You should have taken some dancing video. HEE HEE