Friday, October 17, 2008

Pumpkin Patch

This day always sounds like such a fun experience doesn't it? Ohh the pumpkin patch, it a regular staple in the early years of raising children. Well this year Aslan being the 2 and half year old he is... I am sure I could have passed on this whole experience and maybe waited one more year but Mady's class was going and parents were required to go. So we showed up late, about 10 minutes late, the pumpkin presentation had already started. We quickly take our seats and listen to the farmer lady's talk I am thinking okay Aslan sitting still... good. As we moved from the Petting zoo to the hay ride I detected defience starting to brew up in my son. Once on board the tractor/hay ride all the little children were instructed to say hi to all the scarecrows around the pumpkin patch really loudly. As they did, Aslan starts yelling, "Stop Yelling!" After each time they say HI and wave their little arms off. Imagine with me, "HI" " Stop Yelling!" " HI!" " Stop Yelling!"etc. Thankfully as we rounded the last corner he gave up but my frail flesh was becoming annoyed with my precious little son. SO on to the Corn Maze...I thought yes I know instead of getting my son lost in the corn maze i'll go and get the stroller and contain him in there so at least I can walk around the corn maze with Mady. I come back with Aslan secured in the stroller only to find her class has already entered the maze so I am trying to huff it around the maze looking for her class. As I do the stroller keeps getting stuck in these large divets along the way so all these people keep trying to move around me while looking for their way out, comical to say the least. We made it out and I let Aslan out of the stroller so I could get the stroller out of another ditch size divet. He immediately takes off, Wheee I'm Free!! He runs around the actual pumkin patch, picking up pumpkins and then throwing them around like baseballs, he's a pretty strong boy. I am all the while looking around for Mady so I can at get a picture of her choosing her pumpkin. I finally locate Mady deep in the patch, studiously examining the hard the hard to reach pumpkins. As I am taking these photos of Mady with her pumpkin, Aslan disappears, I find him the the gift shop climbing up on the displays. Finally the wind down, snack time, and class picture shots. I was exhausted I seriously thought about putting Aslan in the car with the windows rolled down so I could enjoy some part of this day with Mady. I thought better though and just called it quits. I turned some worship music WAY up on the way home and decided that I was thankful they were strapped down and unable to get up. So enjoy these photos and know with what great pangs I went through to bring them to you. :)
Ahh the Pumpkin Patch...a little slice of reality in our blogging life.


sarah said...

Sounds like you had an "adventurous" day! :) Cute pictures with the pumpkins- I love the bright orange in pictures!

carissa said...

hahaa ohhh man.
ohhhh i miss you guys.
this story.
+ photos.
ah i miss you so.

Billie said...

I just found time to read your post and laughed. I took the kids to the "Walmart pumpkin patch" today. We found pumpkins while they changed my oil. I should have captured our fall outting on camera. Maybe next year. hee hee

Ginger said...

so funny! what a stinker! Boys..they are crazy. This year went really well--but last year when vara was 1, I was scared reid was going to run into the street the whole time.
im glad to see your blog again--I havent been online in weeks--i miss you so much and I hope you are well. Love you les_

Jenn said...

aw girl, your such a great writer---and photog--i was envisioning every moment, just seeing Bubba belt out 'Stop Yelling' and that scruitinizing face of Mady as she searches for the BEST one for her! Oh I miss you guys much and thx for the LOL!