Wednesday, March 21, 2007



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Me and my Sissy

Today is Aslan's birthday. We went ot the park today to celebrate. This year has been the fastest year of my life. I blinked and now he is turning one. When he was a baby all I could think about was him sleeping through the night, now that that's accomplished I am satisified to have him stay this age forever. He has been the biggest blessing to our family. He always wakes up happy and ready to start the day or afternoon (whichever he is awaking too). He doesn't mind his sister's attempts to hold him ten times an hour. He doesn't mind if she takes toys from him that he is chewing on, he is perfectly happy to chew on whatever is available. He loves to play with a ball, bounce a ball in front of him and his eyes light up. He likes to be chased around the house and gigggles really loudly when you catch him. He is shy around people when he first meets them but give him an hour and he's all smiles. He loves to take a bath and make splashes, and doesn't mind his sister splashing him in the face or dumping water on his head... he actually thinks it's funny. I love how God knew perfectly well who would best complement our growing family. So Happy Birthday my Big Boy!! I will post some pictures of his party ( it's on Friday ) later this week. I wish you all could be with us, you will be missed.
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Billie said...

Leslie-I am honored to be apart of your blog. It makes me sad tho. I really miss you. Your children are beautiful. I had to laugh cause Maddy has the same clothes as Savanna....right down to the bathing suit. And Aslan reminds me of our Jordan. I can't believe he is one!! Jordan won't be one until April 7th. It can't come SLOW enough. I miss you friend and Thank you for allowing us to be apart of your life via your blog. love you, Billie

Ginger said...

Les!! He is beautiful!--of course :) I cant believe he is one already!--I was just starting to think about Vara's 1st birthday--so sad. Im glad you are on here!-I miss you so much and this is a great way to get a glimpse of the family--thanks for doing this. So, give that boy a big kiss from his auntie Ginger...him and Mady look great together :) oh-dont be fooled, I dont have a bolg (maybe just for now), I had to sign up so I could write about your posts...silly but I dont care :)
talk soon!love you--G

Anonymous said...

oh-hey where did you get that tree shirt??

Leslie said...

SO happy you two are reading my blog, I have to say I thought of both of you as I was thinking about starting. I miss you both and glad that we can connect this way! love you, leslie

Bethany said...

So cute. Love that last pic of the two of them together.