Saturday, March 10, 2007

Why I live in San Diego

My husband Jim is in Mexico this weekend surfing with his friends. Every year he takes an annual trip down for his birthday which is Sunday. So the kids and I are headed to the beach ourselves today to soak up the San Diego sun. We went for a walk this morning ( I was secrectly hunting for a garage sale) and one of our neighbors was opening his garage and as we passed by his driveway. As the door opened he raised his arms above his head and exclaimed, " Another beautiful day!" "This is what we pay for by living here, there is no other place like this" I smiled and concurred with him. And as I walked I began to thank God for letting me live in such a beautiful climate. Although the cost of living is very high, you are surrounded by such amazing beauty. As I look out my window I see a sage green mountain right behind my house and in the far distance are more mountains. And today as we get in the car to go to the beach we will only travel for about ten minutes before we reach the golden shores of the pacific. I love the fact that my kids get to be outside all year long. So thank you Lord for the sunshine, for the mountains and the beach, and for allowing me to be in this place where the beauty of your creation can be found just outside my door.


Billie said...

Leslie, Could you please post some photos from CA. The I can dream about it....hee hee. I am still trying to make my way out here for a visit. Have a great day. Love Billie

Leslie said...

I will be posting some pictues of California... just for you... and pictures from my daily life. Like my backyard and house. Come and see us soon so you can see for yourself!! Love you, Leslie

Billie said...

Hey Ginger----Lets plan a trip out there together!? What do you two gals think about that? Could we pull it off? How fun would that be? Miss you both.

Anonymous said...

leslie, hey this is J'Nelle!!! i love your blog! you all seem to be doing well. I will pray for your dear Mady. the kids are so adorable!!!
love, J'Nelle

I'll have to start my own blog once Jord and I get married!