Monday, March 12, 2007


I am sitting down to write after a long day. In the background I hear my husband reading books to Madeline. She is singing him the ABC's. She is so cute when she gets to L-M-N-O-P, it sounds like M and M and P. Most nights she has a little trouble falling asleep, our bedtime routine lasts about an hour. She calls me in her room several times, once to sing her a song usually Amazing Grace, the next time she calls me is to rock her in my grandmother's rocking chair. When we get to the chair she asks me to tell her a story. I choose a bible story usually but change the names of the characters. I end the story with something like, and they all ended up in heaven with Jesus. Sometimes she asks me about heaven, questions like "Where is God?" Are their animals in heaven?" She also says things like, " I want to go to heaven, how do I get there?" " Jesus and God live in heaven" This coming from the mouth of a three year old, talking about heaven like it's a place she can go tomorrow. Well it's off to bed or to Mady's bed to sing her a lullaby.

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