Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Friends for Life

Kindred Spirits from the moment they met

Mady and Lauren


Anonymous said...

How fun! Mady is so beautiful Les!--is this the girl that Mady fed gum or something? :)
love you!Ginger

Bethany said...

Too cute. What great shots

Billie said...

The girls will have tons of fun when we come out to visit. Mady looks like such a sweet girl. Just like her Mommy. I really think Ginger and I should take a cross country road trip out to CA. Love you-

Sara Anderson said...

Don't you dare go without me sissy!! Mady is so cute! I can't beleive she's so big. I think the last time I saw her she was a baby.



AmyB said...

Leslie- Just found your blog through Bethany...so happy to be able to keep up a bit better now!! Can't believe how big your kids have gotten...they are SO cute! We think of you all often...hope you are well. Lots of hugs to you!
Also, LOVE Mady's tank in these pics (great shots BTW)! :-)

AmyB said...

Leslie -I'm ashamed to ask, but is your email still the hotmail account?

Leslie said...

Hi Amy,

How are you? Yes hotmail is still one of the accounts I use. Good to see your pretty face, miss you.