Thursday, April 26, 2007

Through Sickness...

We took Mady to a nutrtrionist yesterday for her kidney reflux issue. It was hard listening to them tell me all the things that are wrong with her body. She has been on antibotics, perscibed by her MD, for over a year. These antibotics have basically stripped her body of everything, every area they tested was damaged. Her kidney's, her bladder, her intestines, her lymph system, as well as her growth has been stunted. PLEASE DO NOT GIVE ANTIBOTICS TO YOUR CHILDREN FOR AN EXTENDED PERIOD! Thankfully by God's amazing grace it looks like because she is so young she will recover after a heavy dose of supplements. These supplements were not cheap, so we are in prayer that God will meet this need as he has in our past. I guess I am just frustrated at how doctors( MD's ) just give you antibotics without trying to actually cure what is going on in the body. The nutrutionist said that giving antibotics for this was was like taking a sledgehammer to a nail. I am posting this so all who read this blog will understand the seriousness of giving your children drugs to cure illnesses. Most things can be cured with proper nutrition and supplements. I have turned a dear ear to this in the past. It's too hard, it's too expensive, mainly my unwillingness to educate myself has resulted in this circumstance. Please do not misunderstand me I am not anti- western medicine, I just feel that it is incomplete. God designed our bodies and he knows Madeline's frame every square inch of her, we ultimatley are looking to Him to heal her. We all have to take paths in life that lead us closer to knowing the one who made us. This path has only taken us closer to our Lord and brought us more faith in Him and his power to heal through whatever means necessary. We are grateful to Him and are looking to him for continued wisdom through the process.


Michelle said...

Hey Leslie, I will be praying for your little girl. I'm sorry you are going through this.

I've seen through personal experience that MD's tend to treat the symptoms and not the problem. I'm always up for trying alternative medicines, suppliments, and nutrition before visiting the dr.
It can be very frustrating - especially, I imagine, when there is a negative impact, and on your child.

Like I said, I am praying.

AmyB said...

Leslie -Didn't know about all the problems Mady has been having until this post. I will be praying that God will heal her and give you & Jim wisdom to make the best decisions, and faith & trust to bring you closer to Him! Much love-

Ashleigh said...

Leslie, I stumbled on your blog through Bethany's. I'm not sure if you remember me or not from SGC, but I remember when you were pregnant with Mady. So sorry to hear about the problems she is having. Will be praying.

I've always been leery of putting my girls on too many antibodtics, but I never knew they could cause issues like this. Thanks for posting this and using what you are going through to help educate other moms.

Billie said...

Great chatting with you last night. Miss you guys tons and I am looking forward to seeing you some time SOON. Love you girlie.

Leslie said...

Thanks for the prayers, they mean so much and I can certainly tell that people are praying. It has been a long road with this but we are in faith that God is in our decision to take her off the antibotics and to heal her body through nutrition. She is doing good and is still infection free! The hardest part is for our little three year old to drink some of the drinks she has to drink, they are rather bitter. So maybe your prayers could also be for her to enjoy drinking the drinks, and for them to do the job even if she doesn't finish them all, like jesus multiplying the loaves and the fishes. Thanks again all of you, your care means so much!



ps thanks for praying with me the other night billie, i really enjoyed catching up!