Tuesday, April 3, 2007

My Home

The Front Walkway

Backyard Built for Sipping Tea
Thought it would be nice to show what my house looks like. The grass is getting greener every day, I guess that's what happens when you water it:) I didn't show my roses, they are just beginning to bloom. Jim and I sit out here in the mornings and have our coffee together and talk. Yes those are lights hanging up, we have dinner out here most every night in the summer time under the twinkle lights as mady calls them. It makes life more romantic.


Judy said...

Hey Leslie! I found your blog through Bethany's. Your front walkway is gorgeous & I love the chairs you have on your patio.

We've realized as well that the more you WATER the grass, the greener it gets & the less it DIES!! :) Take care!

Bethany said...

My roses are being attacked by thrips and aphids....we are doing battle here. My grass is green though... ;) HEE HEE. Don't you just love spring and everything blooming. I love the smells. Your front is looking great.

Anonymous said...

Looks great Les! You've got a nack for making the home cozy--love you!

Billie said...

Your house looks so inviting. I am excited to come visit some time. Thanks for the pictures. I can now imagine you there. love you