Thursday, April 10, 2008

Blue Hands

This year we had sort of a pre easter at our house. Saturday Mady's friend Lauren came over and we colored Easter eggs. They both submerged their hands in the blue dye and thought it was hysterical to have blue hands. I was a little worried after the fact, i thought they might have blue hands for Easter but turns out baking soda and water did the trick. Then we hid the eggs in the backyard and had a little easter egg hunt. I am glad we did because the next morning, Easter Morning, I was getting Mady into her Easter dress and she just said, " Mom I'm gonna throw up," which she did thankfully in the bathroom toliet and not all over her new dress. But just Aslan and I went to church because Jim was sick too. So here are the pre Easter pictures. Mom I'll put her in the new dress you got her and take some pictures another time.


Ginger said...

what cute girls--rascals too
I forgot again about tuesday--whats happenning ?!?!--you forgot too, though. :) Love you

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