Sunday, April 20, 2008

New Playhouse

Yes for those of you who read this blog you know my love of garage sale finds. Well this weekend was one of those that usually happends once a year, like last year when I got the swing set for $20. Well this year my score of the year( well it's only April) so far was this playhouse. It happened to be on a friend of mine's street and she called me at like 6:45 a.m. to tell me to go and look at this house that was getting rid of a bunch of kids toys. I show up around 7:45 and took this baby home in her husband's pick up truck. And my bargain price for this was....FREE!! Yes that's right just needed someone to haul it away. Aslan is loving it as you can see by the picture:) Jim is like don't we have enough stuff back here. I said well it's only for a season and I want it to be a fun one:) There will be time for a beautiful yard and big people stuff for the rest of our lives but for now my backyard is built for the kids.

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Ginger said...

great! Yeah,mark has the same reaction when I think of things for the kids out back :) Im happy for your blessing!